Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Kingsville R-1 Handbook Updates for 2016-2017


Below is a list of the significant changes to the Kingsville R-1 Student Handbook. Please be aware this list only highlights the major changes for the 2016-2017.  Students and families should refer to the Student Handbook for any questions they may have about any rule or procedure in place at school.  


Significant Changes to the 2016-2017 handbook:

  • Building hours and bell schedules have changed due to school starting at 8:00 am

  • MEPS absences will be excused.

  • Secondary Missed Homework/Tests: wording clarified.

  • Students receiving OSS for a second time for any offense will not be allowed to make up work and will receive zeros for these assignments

  • Student Dress Code has been clarified

  • Prohibited weapons will specifically include Mace/Chemical Sprays

  • Plagiarism consequences will include a required tutoring for second offense.

  • Water Bottles must be clear and resealable.

  • Attendance incentive for HS - clarified that students taking dual credit classes must be here on quarter final days and must take finals for dual credit classes.

  • ACT score incentive -2nd semester finals for dual credit class finals are not exempt.

  • Tardies - 4 accumulated tardies during a semester will result in an hour detention; each additional 4 accumulated tardies during a semester will result in a two hour detention.

  • NEW! Code of Conduct: Students at games 6th grade and under must be supervised and students may not loiter in the halls.

  • NEW! Saturday School will be required to make up excessive absences exceeding five unexcused absences in a semester (HS only) (see the attendance section of the handbook)

  • NEW! Friday (2 hours) and Saturday School (4 hours) may be assigned for code of conduct violations.  (see part II of the code of conduct)


It is strongly recommended that families review the student dress code (see reverse side)  and take this into consideration when shopping for school clothes over the summer.

Kingsville R-1 Student Dress 2016-2017


A school is often judged as much by its appearance and the appearance of the student body as it is by its academic programs. Personal pride is reflected in dress, speech, and attitudes. Dress should not interfere or distract from the educational process. Appropriate clothing, as defined by the Code of Student Conduct, must be worn at all times and must not result in embarrassment to either the wearer or the spectator. Students deemed to be wearing inappropriate clothing will be required to change clothing before attending class. No procedure will impose dress and grooming rules based on gender in violation of Title IX. Multiple offenses will be considered a disciplinary issue and be dealt with according to the code of conduct.Acceptable standards for dress and personal appearance for all students (both elementary and secondary) are as follows:


• Shoes must always be worn for health reasons. Slippers are not appropriate to wear during the school day.

• Tennis shoes are required for physical education classes.

• Shirts must be worn during physical education classes.

• Pajama bottoms are not appropriate to wear during the school day.

• Hats must be removed in the building during the school day.

• Apparel is not to have wording and/or graphics that display or imply items or actions

which are prohibited by law for minors or are of offensive nature (alcohol, tobacco, drugs,

profanity, violence, confederate flag, etc.)

• All chains except those deemed as jewelry for the neck or arm are prohibited.

• Mesh tops, backless or strapless tops, bare midriffs or half shirts, revealing tank tops and

ripped or torn clothing that promotes inappropriate exposure of undergarments or torso

should not be worn.

• Apparel is to cover the entire torso. See-through clothing requires that an appropriate

garment be worn under or over it.

• Shorts and skirts need to be an appropriate length, neither buttocks, nor undergarments

should be visible.

• "Spandex" type garments designed to be worn under outer clothing; such as leggings or

tights are not to be worn as outer clothing throughout the school day. See-through

clothing requires that an appropriate garment be worn under or over it.

• Pants, shorts, slacks, jeans, etc. must be cinched at the waist.

Other situations that may occur will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Lunch Visitor Procedure

In order to maintain student confidentiality and safety standards for all students, the Kingsville R-1 School District will put into place the following procedures regarding lunchroom visits:

1. Parents are invited to join their child for lunch after checking in at the office.

2. Parents may eat only with his/her child and should sit at the designated table in the lunchroom.

3. While parents are welcome to take photographs of their time with their child, due to student's right to privacy, no pictures should include children other than that of the parent.

4. Parents should say goodbye to his/her child in the multipurpose room when the lunch period ends.

Again, while we encourage parent involvement in the lives of your children, it is the District's responsibility to establish safety measures for all children. Since the lunchroom does not allow for small-group supervision these procedures will be in effect. We appreciate your support.