Tuesday Bulletin

Tuesday November 12, 2019

Burrrrrr!  Happy frosty Tuesday!

Class of 2020...class meeting held on November 19th at 7:30 am in Mr. Crotty's room.

Scholar Bowl...Junior High and High School 1st meeting/practice will be Tuesday, November 19 in Ms. Wallace's room from 3:05-4:00.  Junior High and High school students interested in Scholar Bowl should plan on attending.

On Thursday November 14 at the JH basketball games , the Booster Club is having their first spirit night called "Red Rush".  We want to fill the gym up with as much Red as possible.  There will be a competition between the 6th, 7th, & 8th grades to see who can have the most people there wearing red.  It's not just for students, everybody wearing red can count towards a class.  The class with the most people will win a game of Mat Ball during seminar.  GET WITH THE RED RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cheerleaders still have lollipops for sale....Elementary:  if you would like to bring money to your teacher and let her know BEFORE lunch, they will be delivered to you before the end of the day.  JH & HS:  if you would like to purchase a lollipop, please get a pass from your seminar teacher(not on grade check day M/Th and you may purchase them during seminar time.

They will be placing a 2nd order for Tiger spirit wear.  If you didn't order the first time and wish to now see me in the office for a form.

The paper work for the Katy Trail dental van is here in the office for you to pick up.  The van will be here sometime in October so stop and get the paper work so it can be filled out and ready to go.

There will be Booster club meeting on Thursday, November 14 at 6:00. 

Happenings for this week:   Junior high basketball this week Thursday at Kville 6:00 against Calhoun, Tuesday the 12 they will host Chilhowee beginning at 6:00...girls only and Friday the 15 the ladies will host Miami here at home beginning at 6:00.  It will be a busy week for our Tiger teams

Funny and interesting facts:  Hershey's Kisses are called that because the machine that makes them looks like it's kissing the conveyor belt!

Elementary lunch duty Schedule:  Nov. 11-Nov 15 K-2-Eggleston, 3rd/4th grade-Kendrick, 5/6 Math/Science

High School lunch duty Schedule:  Nov. 11-Nov. 15 - Casey Warren/Kaydee Sisk


B-breakfast taco, cereal, toast, fruit, juice, milk
L-Cheeseburger mac, carrots, 2nd choice grilled cheese, HS 3rd choice-chef salad
B-Waffles, toast, cereal, fruit, juice, milk
L-super mexi tots, mixed veggies, 2nd choice fajita chicken wrap HS 3rd choice Ham & cheese sub
B-Sausage pancake on a stick, toast, cereal, fruit, juice, milk
L-Baked Ham, dinner roll, mashed potatoes gravy,green beans 2nd crispy chicken sandwich HS 3rd choice PBJ sandwich string cheese, yogurt
B-Glazed donut, cereal, toast, fruit, juice, milk
L-chili & corn chips, carrots,cinnamon roll, 2nd choice Chicken nuggets, HS 3rd choice cold cut sub

Calendar of events


12   JRHBB@Kville/Chilhowee 6:00/girls only

14  Booster club mtg 7:00/library

13   NHS induction 6:00
15   Mid-term

      JH Girls@Kville/Miami 6:00 Meet the Tigers and chili supper