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Thank you to the Kingsville PTO for donating the new water fountain with the bottle filling station. We appreciate all you do for our kids!

May 23, 24, & 25 will be used for a Make Up Days. Tuesday, May 29th will be students last day and a half day.

Make sure to check to the Google Calendar below for any updates or changes to the calendar. School closings will also be posted on the calendar. Also, sports times and events will be updated on the calendar. Please check there for the most recent information.

The 4th grade class were the first class to use the new Virtual Reality headsets with Google Exploration. The 4th grade students are learning about Europeans exploring and settling in North America.  They are reading the book "Miracle: The True Story of the Wreck of the Sea Venture" by Gail Langer Karwoski.  In the book they learned that Sea Venture was bound for Jamestown, VA but would arrive a year off schedule.  It was an ambitious settlement making its way to catch up with the original settlement that was made up primarily of men.  During the Google Expedition students were able to view the grave sites and artifacts of the original settlers.  The archaeologists on Google Expedition were able to determine that those buried in Jamestown were mostly men.  It was an awesome experience to see the students connect what they learned in the book to Google Expedition. 


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Mon Mar 19
L-Chicken patty, cheesy potatoes, peas, cherry crisp
Tue Mar 20
B-Pancake on stick
L-Pork rib sandwich, tater tots, broccoli, pears
Wed Mar 21
B-Breakfast Pizza
L-Nacho supreme, beans, orange half brownie
Thur Mar 22
B-combo bar
L-Ham & cheese sandwich, baked beans, potato chips, fruit
Fri Mar 23
B-Long John
L-Pizza, salad, chocolate pudding, apple half






The Media Release Form has changed this year. Parents need to specify in writing if they prefer that their student(s) not participate in video/photographic activities, have their student information released as part of “directory information”, participate in internet instructional activities (policies in handbook), and/or have their awards, honors, work, and photographs submitted to the media such as the newspaper, school website and Facebook page, etc.  A complete copy of the Board Policies and Regulations is available for examination in the Superintendent’s office.  If you have any questions please contact the building administrator.  

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"The mission of the Kingsville R-1 School District is to provide all students the opportunity to gain knowledge, explore a variety of educational pursuits, and obtain the skills necessary for success in a global society."


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