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Mrs. Hunter’s Daily Bulletin

All students are required to fill out medical forms each school year. Please click HERE to fill out your student/s medical information for the 2019-2020 school year.

Please click HERE to verify your student/s enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year.

Please click HERE to download a Transportation Form. All students, new or existing, will be required to fill out this required form from Apple Bus Company.

Please remember to check the calendar for updates. Any cancellations or makeup day changes will be posted to the calendar as soon as they are decided.

Current physicals and insurance are necessary for all athletes that plan to participate in sports.  This includes participation in summer open gyms. Physicals and insurance are necessary before athletes participate.  Physicals done during the last school year will cover for the summer. New physicals for all participating in fall sports must be turned in by August 12.  August 12 is the first day for fall High School practice.  Junior High volleyball practice will start September 4.  

From this point going forward, school sports physicals are now good for two years from the date of issue.   



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The Media Release Form has changed this year. Parents need to specify in writing if they prefer that their student(s) not participate in video/photographic activities, have their student information released as part of “directory information”, participate in internet instructional activities (policies in handbook), and/or have their awards, honors, work, and photographs submitted to the media such as the newspaper, school website and Facebook page, etc.  A complete copy of the Board Policies and Regulations is available for examination in the Superintendent’s office.  If you have any questions please contact the building administrator.  

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