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B-Cereal choices
L-Ham & cheese sandwich, potato chips, corn, applesauce
B-Cereal choices
L-BBQ pulled pork, tater tots, green beans, apple half
B-Cereal choices
L-Hot dogs, french fries, carrots, cookie
B-French toast sticks
L-Grilled chicken patty sandwich, french fries, corn,apple
B-Breakfast burrito
L-Turkey & cheese sand. potato chips, broccoli&cheese, applesauce
B-Pancake on a stick
L-Taco salad, beans, corn, strawberry shortcake
B-Bischit & gravy
L-Corn dogs, tater tots, peas, mixed fruit

The Media Release Form has changed this year. Parents need to specify in writing if they prefer that their student(s) not participate in video/photographic activities, have their student information released as part of “directory information”, participate in internet instructional activities (policies in handbook), and/or have their awards, honors, work, and photographs submitted to the media such as the newspaper, school website and Facebook page, etc.  A complete copy of the Board Policies and Regulations is available for examination in the Superintendent’s office.  If you have any questions please contact the building administrator.  

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"The mission of the Kingsville R-1 School District is to provide all students the opportunity to gain knowledge, explore a variety of educational pursuits, and obtain the skills necessary for success in a global society."


Kingsville R-I School District  

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Kingsville, MO 64061

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Lorna Warren, Superintendent                              Brian Linquist, Principal                                 Deanna Jurkowski, Asst. Principal